33rd Annual Disability Advocacy Day

Connect and Affect

Limitless Purpose is proud to be a part of the South Carolina Partnership of Disability Organizations (SCPDO). Collectively, the member organizations of the SCPDO represent more than 500,000 people with lifelong disabilities and their families in South Carolina. 

This year, the group will celebrate their 33rd Annual Disability Advocacy Day event on Wednesday, March 2 at the South Carolina State House (North grounds) beginning at 9:30 a.m. Activities include a walk, a rally, and speeches by community partners, self advocates, and others. 

Disability Advocacy Day is an opportunity for these individuals and their supporters to come together with one voice to address legislators making budget decisions that directly affect their lives. The goal is to assure self-determination, independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of all children and adults with lifelong disabilities. 

This year’s theme, “Connect and Affect,” celebrates the contributions made by people of all abilities. Disability is only limited by the restrictions that society places on the individual. When a person with a disability has equal access and opportunity, the individual, as well as the entire community, benefits. 

The SCPDO invites the public, lawmakers, and community partners to attend the 33rd Annual Disability Advocacy Day on March 2, 2022 to bring about a call to action to unlock the barriers to success and preserve services and supports for people with disabilities. We will gather on the North grounds of the South Carolina State House. 

Notable attendees include the following: The Honorable Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina; The Honorable Thomas Alexander, President of the South Carolina Senate; The Honorable Alan Wilson, South Carolina Attorney General; a representative from the South Carolina Office of the State Treasurer; The Honorable Molly M. Spearman, South Carolina Superintendent of Education; Dr. Michelle Fry, State Director of the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs; Mrs. Connie Munn, Director of the South Carolina Department on Aging; and Mr. Bill Simpson, Director of Program Integrity at the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. 

Together we can connect and affect each other’s lives and seek out solutions to the many challenges that face the disability community in our state. Join us to unlock barriers and create lasting change! 

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